Software Development

Reading this far, you might think that SYSPRO is our only interest. Not by a long shot. On top of that mountain of support and customization there lies yet another summit.

The truth is that our developers can handle any project. You are welcome to ask us to develop any type of business application you can think of. As long as it helps us to meet our goal of working with you towards a successful business, we are ready to accept the challenge.

So what else can you do on your path to being a business success story? Here are some ideas:


If the computer can do the drudge work, why not make it? Think of some logical task in your business that takes a few weeks to complete. It might be budget calculations, RIO on investments in machinery, project costs, etc. Have you thought of the fact that your computer system can take care of those tasks in a matter of hours or even minutes? We have. And we can show you how.

Move Office

Make Microsoft Office work for you. Did you know that Office is a fully programmable system? Those clever computer geeks at Microsoft thought of everything. This is good news for you. Think about Excel spreadsheets handling large numbers of calculations that would take a normal human being weeks to perform. Think of Word typing up most of a standard document itself, just with the push of a button. Outlook can be automated to do all kinds of things, especially when it’s connected to an Exchange server. And the jewel in the crown is Microsoft Access. This desktop database system is so programmable that we've created entire corporate-wide applications with it. Yes, Office is more than just a very expensive word processor and calculator. Want to know more?

Ask questions

You might think of your database server as a very big spreadsheet. But it's much more than that. Databases come with a query language called SQL that allows you to ask the database all kinds of questions. It can be used to dig deep into your information and get to the bottom of real world problems. Did we mention we are expert SQL programmers?

And that's just for starters

Above are a few examples of how powerful your computer system is, even without SYSPRO. It’s a power-house of forward momentum, ready to speed up the rate at which your business operates. DracoTec is at the controls, ready to launch. Just give us the word.

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