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SYSPRO covers a wide range of manufacturing and material requirements. It's also ideal for most production cycles. Manufacturing integrates to financial and distribution modules, allowing for inventory checking, issuing and receiving of materials through inventory, estimating, costing, lot and serial tracking. WIP allows you to schedule when jobs arrive at work centres to make certain they are neither over nor underutilized.

Bills of Material

Use the Bills of Materials module to create single or multi-level recipes for intermediate and finished goods. Map out how your product moves through each workstation from the start of a job through to the end. Do cost implosions to find the final unit cost of your product and, when you are satisfied that it is correct, you can feed these costs back into inventory. BOM has several methods for checking the accuracy of your BOM structures to ensure that your production process runs smoothly. Not sure which way to go? Use What-if costing to check different scenarios without interfering with live bills. SYSPRO Bills of Material truly provides complete control over your production costs and procedures.

Material Requirements Planning

The MRP module takes an extract of all stock demands at various points in the operation and calculates the requirements to meet those demands. It takes into consideration all aspects of demand, including build schedules and sales forecasting. Demand is checked to see if enough materials or components exist in previous processes, e.g. that there are enough materials in the Raw Materials warehouse to cover the requirements for existing and scheduled jobs. If the resources to keep the operation running do not exist, MRP suggests purchase orders and jobs where appropriate. Cut way back on hold-ups caused by production shortages and keep your production running smoothly.

Factory Scheduling

Factory Scheduling allows you to manage production schedules based on various rules and parameters created to model your factory accurately. The result is greater efficiency and lower costs. The module offers three levels of complexity based on the Preactor product line. Current users of Preactor can make use of an integration module that lets you use Preactor with SYSPRO apart from Factory Scheduling.


For more information about SYSPRO and all its great features, please visit our SYSPRO Resources Page.

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