Anyone in the company who is authorized can raise requisitions in SYSPRO. The Requisition program lets you create, approve and track requisitions until they have been converted to purchase orders. You can rest assured that your company's buying activities are under control with the Requisition system's separate login procedure to make sure that only authorized personnel can raise requisitions. And each buying request raised is subject to scrutiny from an approving authority. The system's use of CAPEX numbers lets you keep an eye on CAPEX expenditure.

Order entry

If you enter purchase orders manually, SYSPRO provides you with all the facilities and information you need to order what you need, in the correct amounts, from the correct supplier, by the time you need it. It stores a large amount of history, like supplier performance, so you can keep refining your purchasing process daily.


If you use Syspro's MRP module, procurement becomes a management process. MRP scans all points where materials are needed, traces back the need to the source and determines if there are enough materials at the source to cover the demand. So if you need a certain raw material in your manufacturing process, MRP checks if there are enough materials in the Raw Materials warehouse. If not, are there enough purchase orders on record to cover this demand by the time it is needed? If not Syspro suggests a purchase order and your buying department can confirm or reject the order, change the date it is to be delivered, or ask planning to change the demand. You only need to fine-tune the results.


There are more than enough management reports available to analyze any part of the purchasing process. And with all the Analysis tools available you will be capable of gaining insight into how well your buying policies and procedures are working.

GRN Receipts

The Goods Receiving system allows you to capture goods received and match them to outstanding purchase orders. And so you can keep your requirements up to date. The GRN system also enables you to freeze receipted items in an inspection system until quality testing has been completed.

Invoicing and payments

Invoices are received from suppliers and entered into the Accounts Payable system. At month end you can perform one or more payment runs and make payments that are due manually, automatically or a bit of both. Once invoices are paid on the books, cheques can be printed and the cash book is updated with the withdrawal of funds. An EFT module allows you to make electronic payment files that can be loaded into your banking system to avoid printing cheques all together. The full Accounts Payable function is available with all the necessary reports and audit trails to keep a tight rein on supplier payments.


For more information about SYSPRO and all its great features, please visit our SYSPRO Resources Page.

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