Get In Touch With A Full Featured POS System.

4POS comes with a separated Back-Office, Intermediate Controller, and POS Front-End. Each part of the system stands on its own so that if any one component goes down, the rest keep working.

Back Office

Stock Control

  • 4POS allows you to Maintain Stock Codes from the back office application in unique ways. You have seldom seen these complex pricing options in a POS system. Try a bill-of-materials to build a sellable unit from multiple products.
  • A Deposits function helps you to manage goods that your customers can return in exchange for a deposit, such as the bottles from soft drinks.
  • You can group similar products together into Pricing Sets. When you change the price on the master product, the price is changed against all the child products. So, when you want to change the price of all the 340ml cans of soft drink, no matter what the brand, Pricing Sets let you get the job done without having to go through each product one at a time.
  • Use Stock Groups to categorize stock items into easily manageable collections. Looking for all electrical products? Select the "Electrical" group to get a list of plugs, light bulbs and batteries.
  • Stock Sets allow you to create a mix of products that you can sell at a set price, regardless of the price of the individual units. Selling "2 for the price of one"? Stock set are the way to go.
  • Promotions allows you to create price overrides on a group of stock items for a specified period.
  • A full-range of Pricing Reports lets you monitor how stock items are currently priced.

Stock Take

You work in an environment where products move quickly through the warehouse. You need solid control to make sure that all stock can be accounted for. 4POS gives you a full-featured stock take system, including stock-take reports and a separate feature to do a stock take on deposit-bearing items.

Day End and Month End

  • Run day and month end routines to see the outcome of transactions over these periods.
  • Income and Expense reports show you how well you have performed month-to-date.
  • Set monthly budgets for both sales and purchases.

Customers and Suppliers

Many businesses deal with customers as nothing more than a once-off credit card transaction. Others deal with both customers and suppliers more personally, or through an account where their transactions can be monitored and terms arranged. 4POS allows you to keep detailed customer and supplier account records.

Orders and Receiving Stock

With 4POS you get a full purchase order and receiving (GRV) function. This includes Recommended Orders that allows the system to populate a purchase order with required stock based on buying rules you have set up.


Set up employees to only work on selected parts of the system. Each employee has a unique user and password to access their part of the system.

Sales Channels

Sales Channels allows you to set up different pricing for similar products depending on type of customer or sales method. For example, sales channels might be “POS”, “Contractor”, “Wholesaler”. So, wholesalers might buy goods at an lower price than the other two because they buy in bulk. Certain reports can be filtered by the sales channel, allowing you to analyze each source of income for profitability.

Shelf and Barcode Printing

4POS lets you print both shelf labels and barcode labels. You can indicate which products are include or excluded from scanning and what their barcode are. That’s all it takes.


The back-office component offers a full range of reports that allow you to check and analyze all the activities of the system.

4POS Scanning


You created you customer accounts in the back-office module. Now it’s time to use them. Account Selling is central to 4POS. Once you have selected an existing customer account, all the details of that customer are include in the transaction for you.

Receiving Payments

Easily Receive Payments from account holders who have balances against their accounts.


A Consignment sale allows for situations where a customer leaves a deposit for stock they remove from your premises. They use what they want and return any unused stock. On return, they are charged only for stock they have not returned, receiving their deposit back.


With Quotes you can raise a order as a dummy that does not deplete your stock. When the customer returns to the store to receive his goods, he can collect them at the quoted price.


Payouts allow you to remove cash from your tills as petty cash. This function records these removals and includes them in reports so that they can be controlled.

4POS Touch

With 4POS Touch you can set up touch screens for typical environments like restaurants, where seating layouts, waiters and easy-to-use product selection is required.

Multiple Branches and Stock Transfers

If you have multiple branches you can set up a database for each one in your Back-Office system. Back-Office information can be sent to each branch simultaneously to make sure they all have the same details. In addition, you can transfer stock from one branch to another easily.

SYSPRO Integration

If you are a SYSPRO user, DracoTec takes 4POS’ great features one step further. We integrate it with SYSPRO to give you a powerful alternative to SYSPRO’s internal POS module. If SYSPRO POS is not giving you everything you need, its time to think about what 4POS can do for your business.

4POS puts total control at your fingertips. For more information, contact us today for a full discussion and demonstration of 4POS capabilities.

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