Order Entry

It's 7:30 in the morning. The phone is ringing and the first order is being placed. Get ready for another gruelling day. As fingers start to fly across computer keyboards, the race is on to meet the day's targets. Order entry needs to be as fast as it can be. There is no time for checking with the warehouse to see if stock is available for a customer. Or making sure the customer is within their credit limit. Such information has to be available immediately.

SYSPRO gives you a full house of sales order entry and invoicing functions. Who can lose with a hand like that? Have everything you need for a smooth running sales operation. How about a set of query screens that give you complete insight into real-time information like customer data, and stock information and availability? With fast browse screens you can select from thousands of stock, customer, product class, or any other codes within seconds. And SYSPRO's natural flow of input makes sure you never face a hold-up during order entry and maintenance.

Customer invoicing and payment receipts

The Accounts Receivable system integrates seamlessly with Sales Orders to record printed invoices as debtors transactions. Debtors clerks can accurately trace customer activity and keep track of who owes what and when it is due, and print statements accordingly. There are various functions available for receiving payments, and the module controls its own banking transactions, minimizing capture errors.

All necessary reports are included to assist the debtors department with its job.

Sales Analysis

For the Marketing Manager, SYSPRO provides a powerful Sales Analysis program. Keep up with sales targets for regions, sales people and product categories. Measure budgets against actual sales by volume or value. Keep up to date with sales performance and respond immediately to your ever-changing marketing environment.


For more information about SYSPRO and all its great features, please visit our SYSPRO Resources Page.

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