The Team

The beginning

We're a close knit family of four consultants. We came together through a former employer. It wasn't long before we realized we worked well together. Then came the turning point - an ethical dispute arose and our solution was to band together and form our own company. From now on we would run things the way we thought was right - right for us and right for our customers. As a result, many of our previous clients followed us into our new venture. From that point they have shared in our prosperity.

The present

That was in 2002. A lot has happened since then. We still continue to work by the same ethics that formed us. Many hours have gone by, hundreds and thousands of transactions, corrections, problems solved, reports written, programs developed. We continue to work towards one goal - making your business system the best it can be, so you can get on with the task of making your business a success.

Today, we are ready to assist you in making your own business successful.

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